Can You Refreeze Uncrustables?

My kids love Uncrustables, and they’re a staple in our house when we have game days or are just low on time to cook dinner or lunch.

Some days though, I take them out of the freezer, and plans end up changing. So, the question is – can you refreeze Uncrustable?

Can You Refreeze Uncrustables?

It’s not recommended to refreeze Uncrustables. When you attempt to refreeze Uncrustables, the natural water within the package is frozen and crystallized.

Also, when you take the store-bought Uncrustable package out, and it starts to unfreeze, the ice in the package melts and begins to saturate the bread, making it soggy and diminishing quality.

Should You Refrigerate Or Freeze Uncrustables? 

You can do both.

Freezing, of course, helps them last longer, but I like to take out however many I think I need for the day (if any) and stow the rest in the freezer. When we are out, I take out however many I feel we might need for the day.

I used to take them out days in advance because I thought they would be okay in the refrigerator, but I found out that any time after 24 hours, they were just not as good in quality. 

After a day, they would become soggy, the bread texture would be a bit mushy, and the overall taste would be slightly off.

Another thing to remember is that the bread may dry out with refrigeration. This can lead to the texture of your Uncrustable sandwich changing.

Because of this, it is further suggested to eat them within 8 hours of being put in the refrigerator.

Refreezing Homemade and Store-Bought Uncrustables

As stated previously, it’s not recommended to refreeze store-bought Uncrustables due to them affecting the quality and texture.

Homemade Uncrustables are much the same. Refreezing them can cause the same texture change as attempting to refreeze your store-bought ones and is not recommended.

How To Thaw Frozen Uncrustables? 

So how should you properly thaw frozen Uncrustables? This part is pretty easy.

I usually put them in the refrigerator until we are ready to eat them. Though if you need them quicker, you can microwave them or let them sit on the countertop to thaw. 

How To Tell If Uncrustables Has Gone Bad?

Once again, it’s all about texture. If the bread feels slimy at all before you put it in your mouth, don’t eat it. If you take a bite and the texture is off like it’s stale, it’s gone bad, and it’s probably best to throw it out. 

Another way to tell if it’s gone bad is its appearance. Any changes in color or discoloration might be a good indicator of mold, in which case it is unsafe to eat and should be thrown away immediately.

The smell can also be a good indicator that it’s gone bad. If your food smells sour or unpleasant, toss it out immediately.

Uncrustables made at home with natural peanut butter, fruit jelly, or even whole-wheat bread can expire faster.

Natural-based foods will not have the preservatives of their processed cousins and should be checked for freshness if they are out of the fridge for more than 1-2 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should Uncrustable stay out of the fridge?

If you’ve taken your Uncrustable out of the fridge to thaw, it’s suggested to wait 1 hour for it to be fully thawed before consuming. If it’s out for an extended amount of time, roughly more than 6 hours, it is probably best to throw it out. 

Depending on how your homemade Uncrustable is made, such as if it’s made with natural or whole wheat products. I would only recommend any time between 1-2 hours for fresh sandwiches and 1-3 hours for frozen sandwiches. 

Can you eat frozen Uncrustables?

If you are okay with the obvious texture differences between thawed and frozen food, certainly you can.

Can you microwave Uncrustables?

No. Uncrustables should never be microwaved. The only way, and the best way, to thaw them is by letting them sit out on a countertop at room temperature or placing them in the fridge to gradually thaw out.

Can Uncrustables be toasted?

No. Uncrustables should never be toasted or put in a microwave oven.

How quickly do Uncrustables expire after they are thawed?

Eating Uncrustables within 6 hours of taking them out of the refrigerator is recommended. Anything more than that, and you compromise the quality of the sandwich.

Do Uncrustables expire?

Yes, they certainly do. The box should have a best-by date, and it is suggested that they be consumed before the date on the box.

Otherwise, always look for an off smell, a slimy feel, mold, or an off taste before consuming. If any of these raise any red flags, throw them away immediately.


Uncrustables are a favorite among children and adults alike. They are extremely versatile, especially in instances where you want a quick lunch or snack. Unfortunately, it is not suggested to refreeze them once they are thawed.

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