14 Popular Food That Starts with U

Do you ever play games where you have to guess the name of a food that starts with a particular letter? Or attend potlucks where you have to bring a dish that starts with a specific letter? And if that letter is ‘U’, this is the right article for you.

Popular food that starts with U are Ube, Ugli Fruit, Umami Burger, Umbrella Fruit, Umble Pie, Umbricelli Pasta, Unagi, Uni, U-No Bar, Upma, Upside-Down Cake, Uszka, Utah Scones, and Uttapam.

14 Food That Starts with U

A lot of people have trouble finding foods that start with U. Here’s a list of popular foods that begin with the letter U, next time you’re feeling stumped.

1. Ube


A variety of names for the yam species Dioscorea alata include purple yam, ube, and larger yam. The tubers are typically a vibrant violet-purple to bright lavender color, while some are cream or plain white.

Despite having a similarly sweet, earthy flavor to purple sweet potatoes, ube has a distinctly nuttier, vanilla-like flavor. Ube and sweet potatoes have different tastes and textures, and ube is moister than sweet potatoes.

Ube has a similar nutritional profile to the traditional sweet potato, which means that it is rich in fiber, vitamins, and healthy carbohydrates. Recently, it was discovered that the purple variant has exceptionally high quantities of antioxidants, which can improve general health.

It can be spread over toast, incorporated into cakes, ice cream, halo-halo, garnished with cheese slivers or latik (crisp coconut curds), or eaten by itself. In the Philippines, ube, a purple yam, is frequently used in sweet bread and pastries.

2. Ugli Fruit

Ugli fruit

The Jamaican tangelo is a citrus fruit that originated on the island of Jamaica as a result of a natural cross between a tangerine or orange and grapefruit. It is also referred to by the trade names ugli fruit, ugli fruit, and uniq fruit.

Juicy ugli fruit has a flavor that is frequently characterized as sweet, tangy, and has a hint of bitterness. A grapefruit and an orange hybrid is an ugly fruit. It has orange flesh, thick, rough skin, and a sweet-tangy flavor.

The thick, loose, and leathery yellow-green skin of ugli fruit makes it easy to identify. But don’t be fooled by its unsightly façade. It’s absolutely tasty inside. Up until it is fully ripe, it is largely green and wrinkled; after that, it turns orange.

3. Umami Burger

Umami burger

One of the primary five tastes, along with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, umami, usually referred to as monosodium glutamate, is present in all foods. Umami, which is defined as the “essence of deliciousness” in Japanese, is frequently thought of as the savory, meaty deliciousness that enhances the flavor.

American restaurant chain Umami Burger is known for its gourmet hamburgers. Umami flavor is referenced in the name. Adam Fleischman founded the eatery, which is a member of the Umami Restaurant Group. The majority of Umami Burger locations have a full bar and waiter service.

The restaurant uses 6-ounce (170 g) coarsely ground beef patties, primarily manufactured from American Wagyu cattle, to make its burgers. Umami Sauce, which comprises soy sauce, and Umami Dust, which is made up of ground-up dried porcini mushrooms and dried fish heads, are used to season the meat.

Their burgers and a large portion of their cuisine are bursting with umami. It is frequently referred to as the “new fifth taste” (the other four tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, and salty), and it is present in foods like roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, truffles, and Parmesan cheese.

4. Umbrella Fruit

Umbrella Fruit

Monkey bread trees are another name for umbrella fruit. Several species of flowering plants in the Bombacaceae family, including Kigelia Africana and Salacca zalaca, are known by the popular name umbrella fruit.

Mango and pineapple flavors are included in it. Because of the sour, hard, crunchy flesh, it is frequently eaten with salt, chili powder, honey, or shrimp paste. Even though the fruit can be consumed raw, matured fruit has the finest flavor. Jams, jellies, and preserves made from umbrella fruit are consumed.

It is well known that umbrella fruits and leaves contain natural antioxidants. They also include substances that fight infection, treat thrombosis, and kill cancer cells, as well as antimicrobial agents and thrombosis-treating agents. Umbrella fruit vitamin C has many advantages.

5. Umble Pie

Umble Pie

In popular parlance, eating humble pie refers to being humiliated and then apologizing for a significant error. A range of desserts modeled after medieval meat pies is referred to as humble pie or umble pie.

The term is derived from umble pie, a pie made with minced or diced offal, mostly from deer but occasionally from other meats. Numble, which means “deer’s innards,” evolved into umble following the nombles of Middle French. The pie was frequently served to lower-class individuals in medieval times.

The flavor of humble pie is simultaneously acidic and sweet; it’s more of an acquired taste. It doesn’t have to be on the menu every day, but it’s crucial to pick up a few lessons on humility.

5. Umbricelli Pasta

Umbricelli Pasta

An Italian strand pasta that is made in the Umbria region is frequently compared to a thicker variant of spaghetti. Traditional umbricelli pasta is thick and chewy, formed from a dough that is mostly made of water and durum wheat flour, which makes it more compacted and difficult to knead.

It is a type of pasta with a heavier consistency that pairs well with sauces that have more substance, like a hearty tomato sauce, a cream sauce with mushrooms, or an earthy truffle sauce.

Short pasta lengths that have been rolled across their width, with each side rolling in the opposing direction, are also known as umbricelli. The length is then gently twisted after rolling. When viewed from the end, this pasta has an “S” form.

6. Unagi


Freshwater eels, particularly the Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica, are known as unagi in Japanese. In Japanese cuisine, unagi is frequently used as kabayaki. It should not be mistaken with the Japanese word for saltwater eel, anago.

Unagi has a mild, sweet flavor that is quite palatable and not overbearing. The flesh has a porous texture and is soft and chewy, making it perfect for saucy dishes because it soaks up all the fluids, keeping the food wet and tasty.

Unagi’s omega-3 fatty acids may aid to decrease cholesterol, preserve bone health, control blood pressure, and even ease menstrual pain. This, together with vitamin A, is thought to keep the skin supple and minimize wrinkles.

Anguilla japonica, sometimes known as the Japanese eel, is widespread throughout East Asia, but overfishing and shifting habitats have significantly reduced eel numbers. The global eel catch has decreased by more than 75% since 1980, which has had a significant impact on price.

7. Uni


Sea urchin roe is what uni, pronounced oo-nee, are made of. Some people regard the brilliant yellow to bright orange lobes as a delicacy. They are frequently put in butter, over pasta, and sushi. Uni is typically taken in the wild with draggers or diver hand harvesting.

Uni, also known as the gonads or corals, is the sex organ that produces roe despite commonly being dubbed sea urchin roe. The structure of an urchin is home to five strips, or “tongues,” of uni. They have the consistency of a hard custard and are typically orange or yellowish. They do resemble tongues.

Uni has a distinct umami, salty, and savory flavor, as well as a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Additionally, depending on the uni you’re tasting, you can detect metallic or sweet flavors.

In reality, college is incredibly healthy. Sea urchins provide 172 calories and relatively little fat per 100g serving. Additionally, approximately all of the fat is unsaturated. Only 1.75 grams of polyunsaturated fat are present in every 100 grams of sea urchin.

8. U-No Bar

U No Bar

The Cardinet Candy Company created the U-NO candy bar in the 1920s. The well-known candy bar was bought by Annabelle Candy Company in 1978, and the company has been producing it ever since.

The U-NO is a bar in the shape of a truffle that has almond nibbles within it and is covered in a thin layer of chocolate that looks like silver foil. In terms of look, it resembles a 3 Musketeers bar, however, it has more fat per gram.

With a creamy, thick milk chocolate coating and a smooth, rich interior resembling a chocolate truffle, U-NO is sure to melt in your mouth. When frozen, this food item eats like an ice cream bar and tastes wonderful cold.

9. Upma


Upma, uppumavu, or uppittu is an Indian morning meal made from thick porridge made from dry-roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. It is especially popular in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka, and Sri Lankan Tamil communities.

Semolina is often delicately dry-roasted before being used to make upma (called rava or sooji in India). As spices, lentils, onion, ginger, and other ingredients are sautéed in oil or ghee, the semolina is then removed from the heat and set aside. The semolina is then completely combined in the pan after being added back.

Your go-to breakfast option if you want to reduce weight quickly should be upma. Upma contains fiber, vitamins, and good fats. It is a nutritious dish that supports a balanced diet because it is low in calories and cholesterol. Semolina is used to make upma, which is rich in iron.

The finest way to have upma is as a snack with some coconut chutney on the side and a cup of hot, freshly brewed coffee from South India. It can, however, be served with additional chutneys, pickles, yogurt, and occasionally even sambar. Some individuals prefer to consume it alongside a little sugar.

10. Upside-Down Cake

Upside Down Cake

A cake that is baked “upside-down” in a single pan with the toppings on the bottom is known as an upside-down cake. The finished upside-down dish is “righted” and served right-side up by flipping it over and de-panning it onto a serving plate after being taken out of the oven.

When people used to cook on cast-iron skillets over open flames, hundreds of years ago, the pineapple upside-down cake first appeared. They would layer fruit in the bottom of the pans and pour batter on top when they desired a sweet treat.

Why is it so popular? After the Dole Pineapple Company sponsored a competition for pineapple recipes, pineapple upside-down cakes gained popularity in the United States in the middle of the 1920s. For the inverted pineapple cake, they had nearly 2,500 different submissions, and they ran an advertisement about it, which raised awareness of the cake.

12. Uszka


Small dumplings or pierogies called uszka or vushka are typically filled with flavorful wild forest mushrooms and/or minced meat. Although they can be eaten with only melted butter and some herbs sprinkled on top, they are typically served with barszcz.

On Christmas Eve, Poland’s “Uszka” mushroom pierogi are customarily served with borscht. Both dried and fresh mushrooms are used to make them, along with a straightforward pierogi dough composed of flour, water, milk, and butter. They’re gorgeous and simpler to construct than you may imagine.

Pierogi are also well-known for their simplicity, ease of preparation, and tendency to be made in large quantities rather than just one. If you don’t finish them all, you may freeze the remainder and eat them the following day without losing any flavor.

Pierogies are a dish that is generally considered to be healthy because it provides a balance of all three macronutrients and has an appropriate number of calories.

13. Utah Scones

Utah Scones

Although this sweet has several names, fried bread or frybread is the most common in North America. Whatever term you’re familiar with, they all consist essentially of the same thing: plain dough that has been stretched or rolled flat before being deep-fried till golden.

The word “scone” typically refers to a cookie- or biscuit-like dessert that is served with tea. However, scones are fried dough pieces that are served hot and topped with a variety of sweet ingredients in Utah.

The plain scones are really buttery and have a slight sweet tanginess. There are numerous flavors that you may either directly add to the dough or serve alongside jam or flavored butter. The top has a golden brown color and is exceptionally sensitive, flaky, and light in texture.

14. Uttapam


Classic and traditional South Indian breakfast pancakes called uttapam are created from fermented rice and lentil batter. South Indian dosas come in the form of uttapams. An uttapam is a fatter dosa with toppings as opposed to a regular dosa, which is crisp and crepe-like.

Due to its minimal fat and calorie content, uttapam is a fantastic dietary option for people who are attempting to reduce weight. The batter’s beneficial carbs provide a consistent source of clean energy that aids in maintaining your mental clarity throughout the day.

Onions’ sweet, somewhat caramelized flavor complements uttapam’s flavor extremely well. The onions can also have some sambar powder sprinkled on them.

Despite having toppings, uttapam is extremely distinct from naan bread in terms of its composition. Legumes like lentils, peas, and beans that have been dried and split are used to make uttapam. Typically, it is topped with a variety of ingredients, including onion, tomatoes, chilies, and even coconut.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a food or drink that starts with U?

The Jamaican tangelo, sometimes known as the ugly fruit, is a citrus fruit. You can consume it straight or make different jams, jellies, and fruit preserves out of it.

2. What is a fruit that starts with U?

Fruit that starts with U is an ugly fruit, which is Grapefruit and a mandarin hybrid. Its size is similar to that of a grapefruit, but its flavor is a little sweeter, and its wrinkled skin is simple to peel.

3. What’s a vegetable that starts with U?

Urad Bean is the first vegetable whose initial letter is U. This bean, which is widely farmed in South Asia, is also known as black gram, minapa pappu, and mungo bean.

4. What food begins with Z?

Foods that start with Z are zoodles, zucchini, zuppa toscana, zuccotto, ziti, and zeppole.


After an exhaustive list of foods that start with U, have you felt more knowledgeable? Or did you crave some food after reading this article? No matter, as this article is purely for informational purposes, so if you want to try these foods, try them! Thanks for reading this article!

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