5 Best Mustard Powder Substitutes

Mustard is an excellent condiment for food and it has been used in India for centuries. If you love Indian cuisine, chances are you’ve been using mustard to adjust the spice levels of your dishes. 

But if you’re not able to find the right mustard powder, there are plenty of substitutes that will work just as well!

The best mustard powder substitutes I have tried so far are mustard seeds, turmeric powder, horseradish powder, prepared mustard, and wasabi powder.

Depending on where you live, you can easily find one of these mustard powder alternatives to use. Read on for substitution instructions and other interesting information.

What is Mustard Powder?

To start, mustard is a ground powder made from the seeds of the mustard plant. Depending on what you chose to use, it can have varying degrees of spiciness.

A milder version contains turmeric which gives the powder its yellow color. A hotter version contains cayenne pepper, causing it to have a red tint.

Mustard is best used as a condiment to bring out the flavors of dishes. It’s commonly seen with Indian dishes mixed into curries, sauces, and meats for that extra kick of flavor.

You can also use it to flavor meat, rice dishes, and even soups!

The best mustards are typically pungent and they add that special ‘kick’ to food. But if you can’t find it, or don’t like its taste, there are some substitutes that will work just as well.

5 Best Mustard Powder Substitutes

Here’s a list of the top 5 alternatives to mustard powder.

1. Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seed Substitutes

Mustard seeds are the round, light brown seeds that are found in the mustard plant. They have a strong taste, but it’s not too overpowering.

They are a commonly used substitute for mustard powder. They’re typically crushed into a coarse texture and added to dishes for their flavor and spiciness.

To use them as a substitute, simply replace one teaspoon of mustard powder with one teaspoon of mustard seeds.

2. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is another spice that’s been used as a substitute for mustard. It can be used to season curry, sauces, and meats.

It’s a less common substitute, but it can help if your dish needs an extra kick of flavor. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have quite as potent of a taste as mustard powder.

It has a similar color but it doesn’t have the same flavor or texture as mustard does, so it’s best to use them together.

To use turmeric as a substitute, simply replace one teaspoon of mustard powder with two teaspoons of turmeric powder.

If you want to add this alternative spice and mustard seeds, just replace one teaspoon of mustard powder with one and a half teaspoons of turmeric powder.

3. Horseradish Powder

Horseradish is a root vegetable that has a very strong flavor, but a little goes a long way in flavoring food.

When used as a substitute for mustard powder, horseradish works best when it’s added to dishes that have plenty of liquid ingredients. This will help dilute the strength of its flavor and make it easier to blend in.

Horseradish is perfect for when you’re in need of some spicy food in your dish! Because it contains mustard in its ingredients, horseradish powder can be used as a substitute for mustard.

To use horseradish as a substitute, simply replace one teaspoon of horseradish powder for every teaspoon of mustard powder.

4. Prepared Mustard

Prepared Mustard

Prepared mustard, also known as “dip” or sauce for your burger is just a wet form of the usually dry powder.

If you’re making this at home then all that’s needed are water and vinegar with some dry mustard mixed in a food processor (or blender).

Prepared mustard is another common ingredient used to adjust the spice levels in dishes. It typically comes in two forms: Dijon and stone-ground.

If you’re using Dijon or stone-ground mustard as a substitute, simply replace one teaspoon of mustard powder with one teaspoon of prepared Dijon/stone-ground mustard.

5. Wasabi Powder

Last but not least, wasabi powder is the best alternative to mustard in terms of spiciness. It comes from the root of a Japanese plant which gives it that strong kick in your dish when used as a spice.

It is the powdered form of wasabi paste, which we often see in sushi restaurants.

However, wasabi powder can be hard to find and it’s quite expensive in some cases. You can typically find wasabi powder at your local retailers or Asian supermarkets.

To use wasabi powder as a substitute, simply replace one teaspoon of mustard powder with half a teaspoon of wasabi powder. 

What does Mustard Powder Taste Like?

Mustard powder has a strong and pungent flavor that will add that ‘kick’ to your dishes. The best way to describe it would be spicy but also sweet at the same time! 

It’s recommended to use mustard powder sparingly – especially if it’s not your favorite spice.

How Long Does Mustard Last?

If you make sure to store your mustard in a dry and dark place, its shelf life can last up to two years. Make sure to keep an eye out on the ‘Best By’ date for specific details about the product.

How to Make Mustard Powder?

So what if you’ve run out of mustard powder?! It’s possible to make your own fresh batch at home!

All you have to do is mix four teaspoons of cracked yellow mustard seeds with one teaspoon of cracked black pepper in a food processor for 30 seconds.

Then, add six tablespoons of white wine vinegar and stir in 2 teaspoons of salt. Store it in an airtight container with a lid.

Can You Substitute Mustard for Mustard Powder?

Yes, it’s possible to substitute the ingredients. If you’re using prepared mustard in place of mustard powder, just reduce the amount of liquid added to your dish by half a tablespoon.

If you’re using Dijon or stone-ground prepared mustards instead, just replace one teaspoon of mustard powder with one teaspoon of Dijon or stone-ground prepared mustard.

Which Is Better Yellow or Black Mustard Seeds?

Yellow mustard seeds and black mustard seeds both have different flavors and textures, so it all boils down to personal preference. Black mustard seeds tend to be more pungent than yellow ones, but the latter offers a sweeter taste.

If this is your first time cooking with mustard seeds, try experimenting with both of them to see which one suits your taste palettes better.

Difference Between Mustard Powder and Ground Mustard?

Mustard powder is made from ground mustard seeds while ground mustard refers to the mixture of brown and white mustard seeds. Ground mustard has a more pungent flavor that’s closer to horseradish.

Final Words

Turmeric powder, horseradish powder, prepared mustard, wasabi powder – any of these spices are good alternatives to ground mustard.

However, it’s recommended to keep the number of spices at a minimum so you don’t overpower your dish with too much flavor!

Hope this article was helpful! Comment below if you have any other mustard powder substitutes to suggest or questions about mustard.

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