Fake Manuka Honey Brands: How To Spot Them

Are there any fake Manuka honey brands out there? To avoid fake brands, don’t buy manuka honey from any company that sells honey that isn’t UMF certified.

UMF certification ensures that the product is authentic manuka honey. Be careful and choose a UMF-certified product to avoid being ripped off.


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Are There Fake Manuka Honey Brands?

Manuka honey is trendy right now so there is a growing demand for this type of honey. Unfortunately, this means that scammers will try to take advantage of interested consumers.

It is estimated that New Zealand produces roughly 1,700 tons of manuka honey every season. Surprisingly, more than 10,000 tons are sold around the world every year.

The math doesn’t make sense. The problem is that approximately four of five jars sold are fake. If you’ve bought a bottle of Manuka honey, there is a risk that it was fake.

The best way to avoid being ripped off is by purchasing UMF-certified products.

What Is UMF?

UMF Certification

When you look at any manuka honey, you should see a UMF rating. The grading system was designed by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association or UMFHA.

Today, UMFHA is considered the most prestigious agency in the industry. The good news is that it has taken steps to protect the industry from fraudulent sellers while also ensuring customers receive authentic products.

The UMF grading system is one way it protects customers. Plus, UMFHA offers certifications for products that are considered authentic.

Avoid Fake Brands Using UMF

Fake manuka honey brands will not have UMF certifications because their products cannot pass the agency’s rigorous tests. UMF is short for Unique Manuka Factor.

The tests are designed to determine the quality and authenticity of the product. If a product is UMF certified, it means that the honey contained manuka plant compounds and that those compounds are derived from New Zealand manuka plants.

The UMF system also provides information about the potency of the honey.

Regardless, customers should always choose UMF-certified products to avoid fake brands.

What If You’ve Bought A Fake Brand?

If you were unaware of the UMF certification system, you may have purchased a bottle of fake manuka honey. Unfortunately, there is likely little you can do to resolve the problem.

Nevertheless, it may be possible to get a refund and you’ll want to report the fake brand. First, you should try contacting the company to see if they’ll let you return the product.

You can also try filing a complaint with a consumer protection agency such as the Better Business Bureau. Federal governments around the world have started websites to accept reports about fake online vendors.

In the United States, it is possible to file a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If you manage to get the fake site shut down, you can prevent someone else from being ripped off.

Possible Fake Brands

Ultimately, it is hard to know whether a brand is selling fake manuka honey unless the product has been tested. However, some companies use misleading marketing practices that make it seem like their products could be fake.

One company that fits into this category is Wedderspoon. Instead of using the UMF standard, the company uses a K-factor grading system.

This tests the amount of manuka pollen in the bottle of honey. The problem is that manuka pollen isn’t original. It is the same as other tree species in the family.

It is impossible to use this test to confirm that the manuka honey is real. Manuka Doctor is also using something different since it only displays a Bio Active rating.

Finally, customers may want to avoid the manuka honey products sold at Trader Joe’s stores. The company doesn’t offer any information besides adding a 10+ to the label.

Only purchase products that are UMF certified.

How To Buy Authentic Manuka Honey

How To Choose Manuka Honey

The best way to buy authentic manuka honey is by dealing with reputable vendors. As mentioned above, some companies use misleading marketing techniques to deceive customers.

A good way to find an authentic dealer is by relying on the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association. This agency offers certifications for authentic products.

On its website, you will find dealers that are official UMF members. The website lets customers search for license numbers and batch numbers.

Furthermore, you can find a list of UMF members so you’ll know that you’re getting a real product. By using the agency’s database, you can find information about licensed vendors.

You can also find vendors that sell manuka honey online.

Which Manuka Honey Brands Are Real?

Although there are many fake brands, you can rest assured knowing that there are many authentic brands too. Therefore, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with one of the latter companies.

Using the UMFHA website is recommended. Any company with a UMF license is likely to sell authentic products. Some companies that fit into this category include Good Health, Nga Pi Honey, The Good Honey Co., and Arataki Honey.

Other reliable vendors include SummerGlow Apiaries, Streamland, Manuka Wellbeing, Comvita, and RaKiwi.

Signs It Could Be Fake

It is a good idea to learn how to spot the telltale signs of fake manuka honey. Even if you’re buying online, you can still avoid problems.

Above all else, make sure that the company is licensed with the UMFHA. Check the license number on the UMFHA website to be sure.

The vendor’s site should provide its UMF license and a UMF grade for each product. Always read reviews from previous customers as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fake Manuka Honey Products Cheaper?

Fake products may be cheaper because the company isn’t selling manuka honey which is expensive. The fake brands are also cheaper because this allows them to lure unsuspecting customers. Don’t be deceived by the price.

How Does UMFHA Help?

The Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association is very helpful. It protects the industry and customers by licensing reputable dealers. Any company with a UMF license is likely selling authentic manuka honey.

What Is Fake Manuka Honey?

Fake manuka honey could be conventional honey. Although these products look similar, conventional honey doesn’t have a high MGO rating. Therefore, it won’t provide as many health benefits.

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