Manuka Honey In Tea: A Sweet and Healthy Addition

There are various ways to use Manuka honey, but some methods are better than others. This type of honey can be added to tea to make it a little sweeter. Doing so will also make the tea healthier.

Tips for using manuka honey in tea will be provided below.


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Adding Flavor

Many people wonder why they should add manuka honey to their favorite drinks. Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons to do this. One of the main reasons is that adding honey will make the tea taste better.

The tea will be sweeter and more flavorful. Furthermore, manuka honey provides unique health benefits that aren’t available with conventional tea.

Therefore, it is possible to kill two birds with a single stone by adding this honey to your favorite tea.

Protecting Your Health

Once you’ve added this honey to your tea, you’re going to benefit greatly. This type of honey is known for being very helpful in terms of health benefits. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin B, iron, and magnesium.

Manuka is better in this category than regular honey. The vitamins and minerals will boost your immune system to protect you from getting sick.

Furthermore, this combination can be used to deal with certain health issues including sore throats. Drinking manuka honey tea will speed up the recovery process.

Other Health Benefits

Adding manuka honey to a cup of tea is one of the best ways to benefit from the honey’s natural MGO. As mentioned above, the honey will make the tea sweeter while also boosting your immunity.

On top of this, manuka honey can give the user a boost of energy. If you’re feeling sluggish, consume a spoonful of manuka honey.

Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your tea to get the same benefit. This type of honey is a carbohydrate so it is going to fill you with energy.

Besides adding it to tea, you can also add manuka honey to smoothies and other drinks.

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What Does Manuka Honey Taste Like?

Eating Manuka Honey

There is a good chance that you love the taste of honey because most people do. Manuka honey isn’t much different than regular honey although there is one slight difference.

The primary difference is the MGO content. This makes manuka honey more beneficial for your health and it also changes the taste.

If you have high-grade manuka honey, you may notice a medicinal aftertaste when consuming the tea. Some people do not like this taste so they will add this honey to their favorite recipes.

It is also possible to hide the medicinal taste by adding manuka honey to your tea. Then, you’ll have no trouble consuming it.

Possible Recipes

The good news is that manuka honey is very versatile so it can be added to a variety of recipes. The taste isn’t overwhelming so you may not even notice it.

Regardless, adding manuka honey to tea is a good option. You can make a handful of tea variations by using this honey.

Making Manuka Honey, Lemon, And Ginger Tea

Manuka Honey Lemon And Ginger Tea

Do you love the taste of lemon and ginger? You can always improve your lemon and ginger tea by adding a few drops of manuka honey.

You’ll need a quarter of a lemon and a half-inch ginger. The ginger should be peeled and sliced.

For the best results, be sure to use at least a teaspoon of manuka honey.

Smash the ginger slices to activate the flavors. Then, add them to a cup. Pour in hot water and a teaspoon of manuka honey.

The combination should steep for at least two minutes before adding lemon juice.

The tea can be enjoyed with your favorite meals.

Making Manuka Honey Black Tea

You can also make black tea with a tinge of manuka honey. Black tea doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor so adding manuka honey can make it stand out.

You can spice things up by purchasing black tea blends that feature fruity flavors. For instance, manuka honey works well with strawberry black tea and peach black tea.

Be sure to experience some until you find the flavor that you like the most.

Manuka Honey Green Tea

Manuka Honey Green Tea

Green tea has a lot of health benefits. Therefore, it only makes sense to combine manuka honey and green tea. The combination will be delicious and beneficial.

Green tea has a fresh, earthy flavor. You can even add berries to the tea. Regardless, manuka honey and green tea are a good combination.

Manuka Honey Tea Isn’t Suitable For Everyone

Although manuka honey in tea is a good option for many, this isn’t great for everyone. It is vital to understand that honey has a high sugar content.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be consumed by diabetics. At the very least, people with diabetes should moderate to avoid encountering serious problems.

Otherwise, the manuka honey tea could cause your blood sugar levels to climb quickly. If you’re going to use manuka honey and you have diabetes, always keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels.

Finally, people who are allergic to bees should not consume manuka honey.

How Often Should You Drink Manuka Honey Tea?

In general, you can drink manuka honey tea twice a day. Between two to four teaspoons per day should be okay.

Many users prefer drinking tea in the morning and at night. Either way, it is best to moderate to avoid overdoing it.

Otherwise, the sugar content could lead to issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Manuka Honey Should Be Added To Tea?

It depends on the recipe that you’re trying to make and the other ingredients you’re going to use. However, a teaspoon of manuka honey is usually okay. Try to stick with preconfigured recipes for the best results.

Should Manuka Honey Tea Be Consumed In The Morning Or At Night?

You can consume manuka honey tea throughout the day. However, it is best to take it right before bedtime. Doing so will ensure that you’ll get a good night’s sleep.

How Long Will It Take For Manuka Honey To Work?

It can take up to seven days to begin noticing results. In some cases, it may take a little longer.

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