5 Best Tomato Soup Substitutes

Tomato soup is a classic dish that can be made in many different ways. However, sometimes you may not have all the ingredients on hand to make it from scratch.

Or your digestion may not be a fan of tomatoes so you’re looking for a non-tomato-based substitute for tomato soup.

Whatever the reason, I have got you covered. In this blog post, I will explore 5 of the best tomato soup substitutes for when you are short on time or just want something new!

Read on to find how you can use these handy swaps in your recipes or to consume as-is.

5 Best Tomato Soup Substitutes

The best substitutes for tomato soup are tomato sauce and tomato paste. You can also use Nomato sauce, french onion soup, and corn soup as sub for tomato soup in most recipes. Alternatively, you can prepare homemade tomato soup from tomato paste (recipe shared below!)

The best substitutes for tomato soup are also thick, contain herbs/spices, or are tomato-based so that they have a similar consistency and flavor. But, other non-tomato-based substitutes will also get the job done.

1. Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauce is a great substitute for tomato soup as it has an authentic tomato taste but does not include any dairy products which may be difficult to digest for some people.

It also has the same thickness as soup-making them perfect substitutes in soups, stews, casseroles, and lasagna!

2. Tomato Paste

Tomato Paste

Tomato paste can also be used in place of tomato soup as it is often much less expensive than canned or fresh tomatoes.

However, the consistency can vary drastically between brands so you may need to thin it out with an additional liquid such as water, almond milk, vegetable broth, etc.

3. Nomato Sauce

Nomato Sauce

Nomato sauce is one of the best non-tomato-based alternatives to tomato soup. It is made from root vegetables and can be used to substitute regular pasta sauce or tomato soup.

It is also dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, and nightshade-free but full of antioxidants and nutrients.

You can easily purchase it on Amazon or prepare it yourself at home. Here’s a handy recipe to refer to:

However, it is often a little more costly than other tomato substitutes so it may need to be skipped over at times!

4. French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

French onion soup is a hot, savory broth with caramelized onions. It’s usually topped with cheese and served in bread cups or bowls.

This tomato soup substitute may be difficult to find if you are looking for store-bought brands but it’s super easy to prepare yourself at home! You can’t go wrong with homemade food!

5. Corn Soup

Corn Soup

Corn soup is a thick and creamy soup that is flavored with corn, herbs, spices, vegetables, and sometimes cheese.

It’s a delicious tomato soup alternative, so if you are not fond of tomatoes at all then this is the way to go!  It’s also great for stews or casseroles!

You can add cayenne to spice corn soup up or change the herbs and spices to give it a new twist.

Note: All of these best tomato soup substitutes can be consumed hot or cold depending on the recipe.  If a recipe calls for boiling it, then you will need to cook each alternative according to instructions.

What is Tomato Soup?

Tomato soup is a thick, tomato-based soup with various herbs and spices. It can either be served hot or cold depending on the recipe.

It’s usually garnished with cream and cheese or toasted croutons. However, it can also come in chunky varieties which are sometimes blended into a smooth texture instead of being left chunky.

Tomato soup is quite versatile and can have many variations based on the original recipe.

However, when searching for tomato soup substitutes, you will need to keep these basic traits in mind so that you know what’s a good alternative and what isn’t!

How to Make Tomato Soup from Tomato Sauce

If you want to make tomato soup from a can of already made tomato sauce, here are the instructions. Just remember that it is better to use fresh tomatoes if possible since they have less sodium and more nutrients!

  1. Sauté garlic in oil for 1 minute
  2. Add the tomato sauce and simmer on medium heat until it is bubbling on the sides of the pan or pot
  3. Stir frequently to prevent burning
  4. Remove from heat and season with salt, pepper, herbs, spices, and/or sugar
  5. Cool and serve!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does tomato soup taste like?

Tomato soup can taste a little sweet or tangy depending on the recipe. However, most tomato soups have a bold, rich tomato flavor along with savory herbs and spices.

They usually pair well with cream cheese but you can also add other ingredients to make it more unique such as sour cream, milk, nuts, crackers, and croutons.

You can also make your own tomato soup at home by simply blending canned tomatoes with herbs, water, spices, or milk. Adding a sweetener such as honey will help give it more flavor.

Can I use ketchup instead of tomato soup?

While tomato soup is a thicker, more flavorful tomato-based broth, ketchup is a sauce used as an ingredient in some dishes.

You can use it to create unique marinades or sauces for burgers and hot dogs but you will need to thin out the ketchup with water or milk when substituting it for tomato soup.

Is tomato sauce the same as tomato soup?

Tomato sauce and tomato soup are not exactly the same thing.

Tomato Soup usually has thick tomato chunks, herbs, spices, milk or cream, and sometimes stock added to it whereas a tomato sauce is a more liquid consistency with very little chunkiness to it.

Even though they both have tomatoes as an ingredient in them, the textures and flavors are very different!

What is tomato soup good for?

Tomato soup can be great for cold weather since it warms your body up but doesn’t increase temperature. It also provides much-needed nutrients and a lot of fiber to keep you full for hours.

This means that it can make an excellent meal substitute when dieting and is ideal to eat for lunch or dinner.

What can I add to tomato soup to make it taste better?

Some people enjoy tomato soup alone while others like to add things into it to enhance the flavor.

Here are some of the best tomato soup additions:

  • Croutons
  • Bread
  • Cheese (Mozzarella, Parmesan, Cheddar)
  • Sour cream or cream cheese (to make it creamy)

Final Words

Tomato soup can be a great side to many dishes but it’s also an ideal way for you to get more nutrients from tomatoes that keep you full and warm in the winter.

If you are not a big fan of tomatoes or need to avoid them for health reasons, then these five substitutes will be perfect for your needs. They are also great for adding to soups, stews, and casseroles!

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